MedTech Academy
MedTech Academy

Our highly qualified, experienced, and diverse faculty and staff are committed to providing students with innovative, positive and meaningful learning experiences through active student engagement and collaboration.


Our Instructors are committed to delivering an academic environment that is rigorous, supportive and transformative.

We aspire to be the hub for new and innovative educational programs, connecting the distinctiveness of the pharmacy technician with the world.


This academy was developed as a resource guide for anyone who is thinking about becoming a Pharmacy Technician. We want to make this the best location your one-stop guide to understanding everything there is to know about the pharmacy technician career field.


The health care field is growing strongly and qualified people are in high demand. Being a pharmacy technician is a very rewarding career for the right person. As a pharmacy technician, people in your community place a lot of trust in you to help them with their medical prescription needs.


Take your time to understand the steps to be  a pharmacy technician. 


Thank you!


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